Mixed Specialty Retailers Share How they Source Brands

Mixed Specialty Retailers Share How they Source Brands

Buyers For Need Supply Co., Revolve, Neiman Marcus, Free People & Stanley Korshak Share How They Discover Beauty Brands

Claire McCormack of Beauty Independent sat with buyers for Need Supply Co., Revolve, Neiman Marcus, Free People and Stanley Korshak to find out how they found new brands to love and onboard. Amid their different opinions and perspectives, a few solid strategies emerged.  Everyone at BeautyX Summit 2018 enjoyed the full discussion and valuable insights—and now you can, too.  Below are some key highlights from the Mixed Specialty Retailer panel presentation from BeautyX Retail 2018—important points that all independent beauty brands founders need to know.

Where they discover brands:

    • From other retailers or beauty experts in the industry

    • From direct outreach by brands that have a solid approach to their email, strong branding and packaging, and are retail-ready (or have experience already from being onboarded by a retailer)

    • From Instagram’s discover page 

    • From their moms and trusted friends

What they avoid:

    • Instagram hashtags: They prefer the algorithm of the discover page

    • Influencers: They are never quite sure if influencers are being paid to post or genuinely like the product

    • Brands that reach out and are unprepared, or not ready to be sold in stores.

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2018 Speakers included: Naomi Bartee, Women’s Senior Buyer at Need Supply Co., Kandice Hansen, Beauty Buyer at Revolve, Anna Malouf Cosmetics Buyer of Stanley Korshak, Jessica Richards, Beauty & Wellness Director of Free People/Owner and Founder of Shen Beauty, and Jennifer Robinson, former Associate DMM Beauty of Neiman Marcus.

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