Creating Credo: A Case Study

Creating Credo: A Case Study

Credo: The marriage of a vision to create the Sephora of clean beauty with a 100-year investment structure.

Five years after a conversation between investor and entrepreneur led to the birth of the lauded retailer, both parties are laser-focused on innovation and expansion. What made Nextworld buy into Credo’s credo? Join us this August at BeautyX Capital Summit, where we will dive deep into Credo’s genesis, its growing retail footprint and how they are responding to the ever-changing beauty market. Don’t miss your chance to hear live from the people behind the clean beauty retailer.

After stints at Estée Lauder and Sephora, Jackson co-founded Credo with a belief in natural, sustainable beauty brands that are free of harmful ingredients found in many conventional beauty products. As a champion of beauty entrepreneurs, she is determined to change the way people think about the products they use every day.

Frédéric Benqué is a Managing Partner at Nextworld Evergreen, a San Francisco-based investment partnership providing growth capital to companies in the branded consumer and retail sector. With an emphasis on the natural sector, Nextworld provides purpose-driven brands with long-term capital.

Dawn who joined Credo as CEO in 2018, has more than25 years of experience in retail and e-commerce from larger companies like The Gap, Old Navy and Charlotte Russe, to smaller start-ups in the digital and retail space. She launched and ran from inception toover $200 million in sales and grew the team to over 60.

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