Great Expectations For Beauty Investments

Great Expectations For Beauty Investments

Even in a surging consumer segment like beauty, competition and challenges exist at every turn for independent brands. When it comes to attracting outside investment and support, brand founders need mentoring and advice. “We would not have started the BeautyX Summit series if our Indie Beauty Expo exhibitors had not asked us for the type of help and education the summits provide,” says Indie Beauty Media Group co-founder Nader Naeymi-Rad. “Now that we have the right forum, we’ll see how investor expectations are changing.” Read the full article.

BeautyX Capital Summit’s 360-degree curriculum begins with courses that establish terminology and concepts; case studies and panels build upon the common knowledge base; Investor Time sessions with angeland venture capital investors attune brands to investor criteria for acquiring assets.

“BeautyX really homes in on how to fund your passion in the world of beauty.” Camille Belle, Founder & CEO, Pound Cake, BeautyX Capital Summit 2018 attendee

This year’s Summit lineup includes special guest speakers such as Carol Hamilton, Group President of Acquisitionsat L’Oreal, Rich Gersten, Partner at Tengram Capital, Julian Steinberg of Alliance Consumer Growth, Tina Bou-Saba of CXT Investments, Pat Robinson of CircleUp Growth Partners and Sutian Dong of FemaleFounders Fund, among others.

“It’s as if you were at the very nascent stages of the next generation of brands that could be dominating the industry 20 years from now, so it’s important that we’re all here, and supporting each other.” Carol Hamilton, Group President of Acquisitions, L’Oréal

Join us for BeautyX Capital Summit in New York, August 19-20 to learn from and network with top investors in the beauty sector.