2019 BeautyX Media & Influencer Summit: The Ultimate Recap: Day 2

2019 BeautyX Media & Influencer Summit: The Ultimate Recap: Day 2

It’s been three weeks since the most intellectually stimulating event in beauty entrepreneurship hit Los Angeles for the second time. Below, read just a handful of takeaways from each of the sessions. Stay tuned as more announcements are made about our upcoming BeautyX Retail Summit in Dallas, May 13-14. (Early bird ticket pricing ends 2/26)

panel discussion

Blurred Lines: State of Media

Big publishers are generating revenue from affiliate programs and subscription boxes as they morph into online retailers. The news heard by BeautyX attendees? Condé Nast is meeting the influencer challenge head-on, and is developing ways for small brands to grow inside its system.

panel discussion

PR Panel

What used to be called PR is now all about communication via marketing, social and influencer outreach. Veteran PR mavens described how they are staying ahead of the curve for clients—but only when the clients are receptive to changing quickly as well.

foundational course

Deskside Basics

Instructors provided a crash course in the execution of a deskside meeting with a beauty editor. It laid out, step by step, what to prepare, important considerations, and the best communication timelines.

panel discussion

Trade Publication Panel

Heard the one about the low-trafficked article that nevertheless received one critical pageview resulting in retailer outreach to a brand? BeautyX participants did. Trade publications have critical readerships looking for partnerships with emerging brands.

expert workshop

Media Pitch Workshop

This intimate workshop gave brand founders the opportunity to test and refine their media pitches in an intimate, professional mentoring session. The feedback came from PR professionals and industry experts.

panel discussion

Consumer Beauty Media Panel

The reader comes first and taste is everything. For today’s multi-talented beauty editors, maintaining their empires requires long hours and critical product assessments. Stakes are high, and panelists said they look to indies for The Next Big Thing.

case study

Consumer Beauty Media Case Study

One SKU and one massively important article in Into The Gloss resulted in press, accolades and business success. This exploration revealed that it all began with a carefully crafted message and support from a niche site at the roots of the editor grapevine.

live learning

Deskside Domination

A bald man for the win. Comprehensive Cranium Care won coveted two of four prizes during a spirited live-learning exercise that also generated audience enthusiasm for an ayurvedic-based skincare company and a gorgeous new wellness tool.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended, and to our incredible speakers. Don’t miss out on Early Bird ticket pricing for our next summit, the BeautyX Retail Summit in Dallas, May 13-14.

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