Social Media Strategies Decoded

Social Media Strategies Decoded

How do you get your brand to 10,000 followers? 20,000? 100,000? 200,000?! We’ve got just the women to ask.

Priscilla Tsai of Cocokind, Gigi Goldman of Kopari, and Lauren Napier of Lauren Napier Beauty have used a variety of strategies to leverage social media accounts of different sizes to power their brand’s product sales. In a dynamic panel led by Beauty Independent Editor-in-Chief Rachel Brown, Tsai, Goldman and Napier will be sharing their wins and losses on the Social Media Strategies Decoded panel at the upcoming BeautyX Demand Generation Summit. It’s an unrivaled opportunity to hear about leading-edge tactics from fellow brand owners operating in the same intense climate as emerging brand founders. Don’t miss it!

Gigi Goldman, KopariGigi Goldman supercharged the trajectory of her brand Kopari (224K followers on Instagram) by attracting the investment interest of such stars as Ashton Kutcher and Karli Kloss. She’ll discuss her short and long-term approach about navigating high-profile partnerships: what she gained, and what she had to give up.

Just a few years ago, Gigi Goldman was a stay-at-home mother to three little ones. Like so many busy moms, Gigi rarely had time to devote to any kind of beauty routine, so she kept it simple and natural. The coconut oil that she used in the kitchen was her secret go-to multitasker for glowing skin and glossy hair, curing everything from chapped lips to sunburned shoulders. Gigi brought the idea of developing coconut oil specifically for beauty use to her husband who worked in the beauty business, and they got to work sourcing and developing the purest coconut oil on the planet. They connected with their partners James Brennan and Kiana Cabell, fellow beauty and wellness enthusiasts, and (ta-da!) Kopari was born. Kopari believes in creating natural beauty from the inside out, with products for every part of your beauty routine that are made as pure as possible. In just a couple of years Kopari has grown into a multi-category brand including skincare, body and personal care products that has led to award winning recognition within the beauty industry.

Lauren Napier, Lauren Napier BeautyLike many brand founders, Lauren Napier was fed up earlier this year with Instagram’s algorithm changes. After rapid growth had helped her attain 22,000 followers, the pay-for-play spigot choked off her reach. She’ll explain how she responded and altered her approach towards her consumer base.

Celebrity makeup artist turned business woman launched Lauren Napier Beauty in 2014 with her tax refund and American Express card. It began with a desire to have clean skin. “I am a minimalist, a makeup artist, skincare enthusiast and world traveler. I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a makeup remover – so I created it” says Lauren. A bona fide beauty expert, Lauren Napier has worked with Oscar winners, music and pop icons, indie film stars, silver screen legends, a Beatle, a Bond, and an American President. To date, Lauren’s work has been seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence and More magazines other works include long standing comedy institution Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Today, her collection of luxurious, eco-friendly and socially conscious facial cleansing wipes are a global beauty brand elevating the travel beauty experience.


Priscilla Tsai, CocokindFor Priscilla Tsai and Cocokind, social reach—and digital sales—begins and ends with one word: reviews. Whether they are good reviews or bad, Cocokind (134K on Instagram) has thrown its marketing weight behind observing, measuring and responding to all forms of reviews as a way to grow organically and not fall prey to paid reach.

Cocokind is a clean, conscious, sustainable and accessible skincare brand, dedicated to providing high-quality, natural products at an accessible price. Since its debut in 2015, Tsai led Cocokind to become a profitable business within its first two years and has tripled its growth every year since. Beginning with placement in only one Northern California Whole Foods, Priscilla quickly scaled the business to be found across every single one of its doors and most recently, on the shelves of almost 1,800 national Target stores; amounting to over 4,000 stockists in North America, which also include Shoppers Drug Mart, Follain, Clean Market, Anthropologie, Thrive Market, Urban Outfitters, Free People and Riley Rose. In addition, and what makes Priscilla so unique, is her ability to help fellow startup, female founders like herself. Established in June of 2018, Priscilla launched the Cocokind Impact Foundation, providing financial grants to female entrepreneurs in health, wellness, and sustainability industries who are focused on creating social impact through business and has since awarded over $35,000.